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Create a Dream-Come-True Life with Your Dream Coach® Certification

Not only is the Dream Coach® Certification home study course a profoundly transformative program, but it also delivers a highly structured coaching process that you can deliver to YOUR clients.

Begin by watching the video below and then reviewing our proprietary Dream Coach® Process before signing up to Become a Certified Dream Coach®.

Dream Coach ® Manual, Workbook and iPad

Watch this Inspiring Message from Marcia Wieder,
Creator of the Dream Coach® Certification

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Here Are All The Steps in the Dream Coach ® Process
Oprah Winfrey

"Marcia’s right! You have to be able to identify what you really love and really want, before you can get it."

Oprah Winfrey
Jack Canfield

"Marcia is the best Dream Coach on the planet. With her help, I’ve taken my life to a whole new level."

Jack Canfield | Success Principles for Peak Performance
Michael Silvers Testimonial for Dream Coach ® Certification designed by Marcia Wieder & Dream University ®. Dream Coach ® Process 10-Step Free Guide.
Michael Silvers

I actually run a very large international coaching division, and I've come to several of Dream University courses such as Dream Coach ® Certification and Inspiring Speaker. Each time I came thinking; "What more could I learn?" I actually walked out learning ten-times more than I ever expected, and it's been the most amazing process that I've ever been through. I've been in coaching and counselling for over 22 years, and I've probably learned more in one(...)

Joan Sloan Testimonial for Dream Coach ® Certification designed by Marcia Wieder & Dream University ®. Dream Coach ® Process 10-Step Free Guide.
Joan Sloan

Within one week of graduating from the Dream Coach ® Certification program I had several paying clients and within three months, I had 14! I am thrilled and doing the work that I love taking clients through the Dream Coach ® Process as new dreams now manifest faster in my life.

Joan Sloan, Freelance Travel Writer, Executive Coach, Life, Career, Health and Certified Dream Coach ®

Earn a Great Living Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams With A Dream Coach® Certification

Dream University® has trained and certified thousands of Dream Coaches®, many who now have rewarding, lucrative coaching careers. We’ve also worked with seasoned coaches to dramatically grow their existing businesses. Click on the link below to review testimonials from incredibly successful Dream Coaches®.

Dream Coach ® Certification Home Study Course with Marcia Wieder & Dream University ®