I am Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder of Dream University ®. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our site and community. Dream University ® is committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional dreams.

For over 30-years I’ve lead a Dream Movement that has transformed thousands of lives worldwide for people just like you. That movement resulted in the company that is now called Dream University ®. I am considered by many the industry leader/teacher in achieving your dreams. As a result of my life’s work I’ve created a methodology called the Dream Coach ® Process that is designed to help people create their dream-come-true life.

My company has earned millions of dollars inspiring, coaching and helping others make their dreams come true.  I believe and teach that you can value your gifts and be paid well for doing what you love. I truly hope that you will allow me the privilege to be on your DreamTeam and support you in creating what truly matters most to you.

Dream Coach ® Certification Home Study Course with Marcia Wieder & Dream University ®

On my DreamCoach.come site you will also find information about the Dream University ® Dream Coach ® Certification home study course as well as the Dream Coach ® Process both designed and lead by me.

One of the things I am most proud of is that we have trained and certified over 1000 life coaches who we call Certified Dream Coaches ® through the Dream University ® Dream Coach ® Certification home study course. This work is being taught to individuals, in companies, as well as in prisons and battered women shelters. If you love to help people achieve their dreams and are interested in creating a new revenue stream, you can learn more by using the link just below.

Finally, our philanthropic work is helping people globally through the Unstoppable Foundation, where our donations provide food, water, medical care and education (building schools) for families in Africa.

In Los Angeles, we support Playground of Dreams, dedicated to getting kids off the streets by providing confidence building skills and we also support the Make A Wish Foundation. I personally serve on all three of these Advisory Boards.

Please join us in our commitment to redefine how people think, speak and act on their dreams because…YOUR DREAMS MATTER!