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The Critical Importance of Integrity in Realizing Your Dreams

Integrity is one of those big concepts that makes a difference in many other aspects of our lives. First, I want to begin by asking what does integrity have to do with intention and more importantly making your dreams come true?

Well, if intention’s the rudder that steers the course of our life, integrity is the tool that keeps us on board, in alignment, and in action. Therefore, intention and integrity together form the key to manifesting our dreams.

The very first Dream Coach ® workshop was launched 15 years ago in April of 2003. To celebrate I launched a brand new website completely dedicated to Dream Coaching ® at DreamCoach.com.

I’m also reacquainting my dreamer community to the important fundamentals of the Dream Coach® process. It begins with intention (Step #1) and this article is about integrity (Step #2).

This website is dedicated to helping dreamers like you live a dream come true life, as well as understanding the value of hiring a Dream Coach ®, or even becoming a Certified Dream Coach ®.

I hope you enjoy this culmination of my life’s work, are inspired to take action on your next big dream and help others do the same.

The article linked to above contains a simple exercise for creating more integrity in your life. To get the full benefit click the link, watch the video, read the article, then do the exercise and share your results with our community for further support and validation.

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