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The Really Huge Deal Around Intention

I find that people really respect and value when I tell them upfront what my intention is and make space to hear theirs. As such, my intention here is to teach, inspire and help make some dreams come true.

The very first Dream Coach ® workshop was launched 15 years ago in April of 2003. To celebrate I launched a brand new website completely dedicated to Dream Coaching ® . I’m also reacquainting my community to the important fundamentals of the Dream Coach ® process starting with Step #1 Set Your Intention.

This website is dedicated to helping people like you live a dream come true life, as well as understanding the value of hiring a Dream Coach ® , or even becoming a Certified Dream Coach ® .

I hope you enjoy this culmination of my life’s work, are inspired to take action on your next big dream and help others do the same.

Now what are your intentions? Sometime today or as soon as possible, write down one intention. It can be big or small, just as long as it’s for a short-term goal. Write it down and then share it with our community near the bottom of the post linked above.

With love from Rome,

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Marcia Wieder
CEO/Founder, Dream University

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