Dream Coach ® Process
Step #4 – Access Your Dreamer

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #4 – Access Your Dreamer

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #4 – Access Your Dreamer

Hear From Your Dreamer

Many of us have been so mired in reality, so busy living according to our clocks and calendars, that we don’t even know what our dreams are, much less how to accomplish them. First, let’s make the distinction between a dream and a fantasy. In a dream, you can design a strategy for getting there. In a fantasy, like winning the lottery, well, there’s not much that you can do to make that happen. So, now that we know the difference between dreams and fantasy, we can begin our mission to redefine how we think and speak about our dreams. The Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® Process is all about getting clear about what really matters to you and taking action to achieve your goals and reach your dreams. Dream Coach ® Process Step #4 teaches how to Access Your Dreamer.

So, where do these dreams come from? Essentially, you make them up. Some of them are based on needs like putting food on the table, while others are based on desires, like your dream of writing a best-selling book or traveling around the world. But the dreams that come from your purpose (see Dream Coach ® Step #3) are the most important. When standing in your purpose, the quality of your dreams and the quality of your life will actually change. I want to encourage you to have all kinds of dreams for every area of your life—personal, professional, relationship, financial, health, spiritual, community, family etc. And, yes, let’s not forget about the fun dreams!

The ability to reconnect to what it is that you want is such an important practice that should be a recurring event throughout your life. Often, doubts and fears and stories get in the way, but for now, it is important to understand that your dreams matter! It’s never been a better or more important time to pursue your dreams than now, and yes, you can develop the capacity for what I call “CBA.” In school they taught you the ABCs. Here at the Dream University®, however, we teach the CBAs. First is the “C”: get Clear about who you are, your purpose, what you do and don’t want, and your dreams. Next we have “B”: Believe in your dreams. Prove that you’re more committed to your dreams than to your doubts. And finally “A”: take Action.

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“For all who dare to dream, I recognize and honor the dreamer that you are.” ~Marcia Wieder

Believe In Your Dreamer

Once you are Clear about your dreams, you must then truly Believe in your dreams. Your Dreamer is the voice inside your head that says, “Yes!” and gets excited when you consider new possibilities for your life. Your Dreamer is not burdened by your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. It’s the part of you that knows anything is possible. When you get in touch with that part of yourself and make a commitment to pledge your allegiance to your Dreamer rather than to your Doubter, your life will change faster than you can imagine.

Sometimes others Believe for us, while we remain burdened by doubt. However, if you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s hard for others to as well. A big part of the Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® Process job is getting their clients to believe in themselves. Just remember: If we had to have evidence to believe in everything, then half the things that exist in the world today would never have come to be.

The Action portion of the CBAs is where you write down one dream that’s really important to you. Even if you don’t believe it’s possible, write it anyway. Consider that if time and money were not issues, if you had the support of the people around you, and, most importantly, if you truly believed in yourself, what would you do? Where would you go? What would you create? What would you change?

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“So the idea behind dreaming is to open up your mind, your heart, your being, and to imagine and be creative without immediately worrying or wondering about how you’re going to make it happen.” ~Marcia Wieder

Commit To Your Dreamer

If you’re ever having trouble getting in touch with your Dreamer, go back to your purpose statement and connect with your passion. Read your dream description aloud. Then, try this simple sentence completion exercise to bring out the voice of your Dreamer.

Speaking aloud or writing it down, complete the following sentences in your Dreamer voice:

  • The dream I have for [your name] is _________.
  • If I were in charge of [your name]’s life I would _________.
  • My purpose in [your name]’s life is _________.
  • [Your name] can have more access to me by _________.

Take a moment to reflect on how you feel when you read those statements. The voice of your Dreamer should be confident, passionate, and reassuring. To get more of that feeling in your life, you have to commit to the Dreamer. Sometimes Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® refer to “commitment” as “the C word”, because a lot of people think of it as if it were an obscenity. Perhaps they view commitment as synonymous with being trapped, or maybe it makes them feel locked in.

Dream Coach ® Certification Home Study Course with Marcia Wieder & Dream University ®

When we speak of commitment, we mean making a covenant with yourself and for yourself; committing to something you want, to having your dream come true, to moving forward. Commitment is hardly a dirty word; on the contrary, it’s a powerful experience. Many of the people I coach find that once they get to the commitment stage, dramatic things happen.

A commitment is not just a feeling or an idea—it’s a stake in the ground, something that demonstrates your allegiance to your Dreamer rather than your Doubter. Ask yourself what kind of commitment you are willing to make to achieve your dream. The answer might surprise you.

Once you are truly committed to making your dream come true, everything seems to move faster, and you will find that you seem to know with greater certainty how you need to proceed. Your next step becomes evident, as does the step after that.

Access Your Dreamer Exercise

To Access your Dreamer, sit in silence or meditate for 15 to 20 minutes to start the process of seriously considering a dream that matters to you. Write it down, including all the information you can surrounding that dream. Imagine what you are creating or accomplishing, who’s doing it with you, and start to really open to your imagination. If you feel a little stuck, don’t worry about it. For some of us, our dreamers have gone to sleep and just need to be woken up.

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