Dream Coach ® Process
Step #10 – Live as a Dreamer

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #10 – Live as a Dreamer

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #10 – Live as a Dreamer

Living a Dream-Come-True Life

Whether you already do or if you’re ready to step into that place, I invite you to think of a dream that will be a gift to the world—a dream that truly will touch, inspire, impact, and maybe even create a legacy open to the bigger dream. If you truly practice everything taught throughout the Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® program, then you will have the right foundation and YOU will be truly ready to Live as a Dreamer.

Having a dream written down that you don’t know how to accomplish, with a design for a project that is bigger than your life, can help you live every day with passion. Don’t create a project just “out of the blue,” but choose to develop one out of your purpose, as you would any other project. As an example, my bigger-than-life project is that, by the time I die, people will be speaking about dreams in a completely new way, as if their dreams are something that absolutely can be reached by a specific day. When you speak to me about your dreams, be prepared to pull out your calendar. I’m interested in getting you into action to make your dreams become reality!

I’m not yet certain how to fulfill my own bigger-than-life project, but it turns me on and gets me into conversations with extraordinary people. Remember, my dream is to partner with creative visionaries to produce high impact results. Speaking with people about their dreams allows everyone to become a visionary fully excited about their ideas. I don’t allow myself to be stopped by the fact that I haven’t figured out how to accomplish my bigger-than-life project, though. I move on daily by developing strategies and steps, by scheduling it into my life, and letting life happen. And it does.

Once you’re clear about what you’re committed to, incredible resources, possibilities, and people will show up to help you. Although it might not be completed during your lifetime, this process will allow you to play an extraordinary game that is satisfying and helps you feel passion daily.

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“It’s never been a better or more important time to act on your dreams.” ~Marcia Wieder

Creating Really Big Dreams

Imagine having the dream of a loving world or of creating heaven on earth in your own special way. There have been many big dreamers before you—the names we all know, like Mother Theresa or Gandhi, but also everyday people like us who make a significant contribution to the world. Pursuing your big dream is not only about doing what you say or what you want; it’s actually about being and becoming a different kind of person.

So, then, where do you begin? In what area are you committed to making a difference? Are you committed to a planet that’s clean and healthy? One Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® client has a big dream to ensure that the rain-forest is still in existence when his children’s children are grown. Maybe your interest is in the area of health and medicine. How about a cure for cancer or AIDS in your lifetime? Perhaps your contribution will be in education or communications?

Anselm Rothschild, a personal friend of mine, had a very big dream. He was committed to ending hunger in the world, and he dedicated his life to doing it. He chose to pursue his dream by composing music and producing events that promoted global peace and an end to hunger. During the 1960s, Anselm organized the Freedom from Hunger Foundation’s first walkathon, which became the prototype for fundraising walkathons across the country. He didn’t stop there, however. While Anselm had a lot of credits to his name and prestigious credentials, he is probably best remembered as the head writer and coordinating producer of the educational components of the LiveAid fundraising concert and telecast. Anselm was a man who followed his dream. Although he tragically died before the age of forty, what a life he lived and what a legacy he left! His contribution made a specific and measurable difference to billions of people. Anselm’s message raised awareness of the problem to a new level through LiveAid, which was broadcast worldwide to one hundred and sixty countries.

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“Treat your Dreams as something holy, sacred, and meaningful; honor them as you would honor yourself by taking action.” ~Marcia Wieder

Take Action!

Whatever your big dream is, this is an opportunity for you to take action! If you don’t think you are the kind of person who can start a foundation or a movement, perhaps you are the type who can volunteer at such an organization. Look around for opportunities that get your juices flowing. Start with what you’re passionate about, what matters to you, what moves you. As you’re watching television or surfing the internet, notice what gets you excited, what angers you, what touches your heart. Those are good places to begin.

Talk with people who are already involved in an issue that you feel passionate about, and then learn how you can participate and make a contribution to that cause. Make the promise to participate and fulfill that promise; that’s what your life is about.

The critical thing is to just begin, and you will see that one thing will lead to another almost naturally. You’ll know when it feels right, so keep your heart and mind open to opportunities. The personal feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment will be beyond description. Perhaps all we want from our lives is to make a difference.

Live as a Dreamer Exercise

Meditate or sit in silence for 15 to 30 minutes and consider the following question. “What is the dream you must accomplish in order to die happy and fulfilled?”

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