Dream Coach ® Process
Step #9 – Create Your DreamTeam

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #9 – Create Your DreamTeam

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #9 – Create Your DreamTeam

Building Your DreamTeam

The number one way to more quickly achieve any dream is to build a personal DreamTeam. This all comes down to how you share your dream with others. Imagine that you are a visionary and share your dream with others as a visionary would. A visionary has a big dream or a vision, and they articulate it with a clarity that allows people to clearly see or understand that vision. They also express it with passion that gets those around them excited about that same idea. A visionary has mastered the skill of enrollment, which we will talk about in more detail below.

Some people still harbor old beliefs that they have to do everything themselves. If you feel that standing on your own two feet means never accepting help from anyone, it’s important to acknowledge that tendency. Of course, you can “go it alone” if you insist, but it’s a longer, harder process. Remember, the idea is to simplify the journey to achieving your dream, not complicate it. If you’re part of a winning team, you can accelerate progress and expand your horizons—in short, it’s easier and faster to do it with other people. In fact, the number one way to experience greater ease in achieving any dream is to build a team. This is the ultimate shortcut to success.

When I speak of a team, I don’t necessarily mean a club or a group of people that meets with regularity, or even your work team. A formal group carries potential for some people and not for others. Rather, I think of a team as a resource group, people to whom you can turn when you need advice, when you need a sounding board, when you need to unravel a thorny problem, or when you just need someone to listen. It might include many people you already know or work with, or people you’ve yet to meet. Although we tend not to want to bother others or recruit assistance, what happens whenever two or more are gathered is exceptional. I personally believe you’re only a few phone calls away from anyone in the world, and, of course, social media now allows us to easily and quickly access anyone. Use this to your advantage.

Letting others help you is not selfish—in fact, it’s a form of true generosity. You are enabling them to feel good about contributing to your success. Many people love to make a difference by helping others. You can allow people to assist you most effectively by learning how to make powerful requests. Get clear about what you need, find the individuals who can help you get it, and ask for what you want.

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“Enrollment is when you share your vision, your project, your products, your services and ideas in a way that inspires other people to join you.” ~Marcia Wieder

The Most Profound Tool: Enrollment

Of all the skills I’ve learned in my three decades of Dream Coaching, this one is the most important. To master manifestation, you must master the skill of enrollment. “Enrollment” means your ability to share your dreams, products, services, and ideas in a way that will inspire others to join you, hire you, and perhaps even invest in you. The common obstacle of “I don’t have enough money” often disappears when you become good at enrollment. If the best shortcut step for accomplishing your dreams is to build a team, then the key skill you need to develop is enrollment.

In all your interactions, be highly intentional, explore all possibilities, and make every conversation count. This does not mean that you should see everyone as a tool to use for your own benefit. Rather, see everyone as a fellow traveler on the road making their dreams come true. Like you, they are always looking for inspiration, encouragement, an uplifting view, a new idea, or a refreshing way to view the world around them. By sharing your own gifts, dreams, and opportunities, you will open up amazing conversations with others—and who knows where that could lead both of you. One of my daily practices is to enroll people in believing in themselves. I do this by seeing their beauty and greatness, and then openly acknowledging it with them.

What do I get in return? I feel loved as I practice being loving and generous. How simple it is to lift another up simply by recognizing their greatness. And, since we are connected, the more I admire and appreciate them, the more I feel appreciated and loved in return. Enrollment requires that you learn to speak like a visionary. A visionary has a big dream, articulates it with clarity so people get it, expresses it with passion so others get excited about it, and enrolls/invites others to join him or her. To be a successful enroller, you need to find your genuine voice and express the truth of who you are, what you believe, and what’s in your heart. Enrollment happens when you express what matters to you and why you care—and you show others why they should, too.

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“In order to master manifestation, we each need to master the skill of enrollment.” ~Marcia Wieder

Your Uniqueness is Enrolling

As a big dreamer, your ability to enroll people in taking action is essential. This is not selling, convincing, or even trying very hard to get someone to do something. This process is designed to inspire others by showing them the value of what you are doing, creating, or offering, and making a persuasive case for why they should help or join you.

One of the ways to be persuasive and compelling is to stand out as uniquely you. I was invited to speak at a conference recently where I was one of fourteen speakers. As the “new person” in the lineup, I was the last to take the stage. Wearing a dress and leopard print pumps, I half-jokingly announced that I was the chick without PowerPoint. I got a standing ovation just for that—for being different. And if you’re wondering how that translates into real dollars and real business, I closed fifty percent of the room on my offer. The most any of the others closed was twenty-five percent! Being uniquely you and valuing your story sets you apart from all the others. Do you want to be another one or “the” one?

Dream Coach ® Process Step #9 - Create Your DreamTeam

Building Your DreamTeam Exercise

Meditate or sit in silence for 15 to 30 minutes and consider one of the big dreams that you’ve been sitting on, but not taking any action towards because you actually need help with it. Now, think of someone that you could enroll into helping you with your dream. Next, using the process outlined in this Dream Coach ® step, approach that person and enroll them in your dream. Again, be sure to use the process outlined in this workbook and do each step.

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