Dream Coach ® Process
Step #2 – Maintain Integrity

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #2 – Maintain Integrity

Dream Coach ® Process
Step #2 – Maintain Integrity

What is Integrity?

Integrity is one of those big concepts that makes a difference in many other aspects of our lives. When it comes to our intention, however, what does integrity have to do with that? If intention is the rudder that steers the course of our life, then integrity is the tool that keeps us on board, in alignment, and in action. Often, people say they want one thing (intention) and then do something else. Or, more likely, people will say that they really want something and then do nothing. This often results in suffering and invites doubt, only solidifying limiting beliefs and attitudes that block success. Therefore, intention and integrity together form the key to manifesting our dreams.

On the surface, integrity is about keeping agreements, but there are multiple levels within that. There are the agreements that we keep with ourselves, which is hard to do. Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® are very successful in the coaching industry partially because, when their clients tell the Dream University ® Certified Dream Coach ® what they’re going to do, it increases the likelihood, by at least a hundred times, that the client will actually do it. So right there is an example that the agreement you keep with yourself and the agreement you keep with others, is integrity. Living a life of integrity is the single step that the most successful people strive for.

There are a couple different aspects to living with integrity. First, we fall out of integrity when we say we’re going to do something and then we do not do it. Second, we lose our integrity when we leave things incomplete, unsaid, or undone. In fact, the three big areas people perform a little inventory on have to do with health (if you’re struggling with health, it’s hard to dream well), your relationship to money, and other personal and work relationships. This means cleaning up the past to open up room for the future.

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“I always interpret synchronicity as being in integrity with life.” ~Marcia Wieder

Integrity: The Key to Manifestation

One of the most common reasons people hesitate to commit is the fear that they won’t follow through. But the most common reason people fail to follow through on their stated intentions is because they don’t add the ingredient of integrity.

As mentioned earlier, big dreamers, when asked what value they most respect, integrity is usually at the top of the list. If someone is committed to living a life of joy, ease, and abundance, a life filled with love, generosity, and contribution, then integrity is a must. But unfortunately, many people who are guiding others in setting intentions and making commitments leave out this critical element. Dream University ® Certified Dream Coaches ® know the importance of this value, and teach it to their clients regularly.

Mistrust is one of the three categories of limiting beliefs, and one of the most powerful forms of mistrust is mistrust of ourselves. When we lie to ourselves and don’t follow through on our commitments (i.e., lose integrity), we learn not to trust ourselves. So in order to rebuild self-trust and be able to experience the power of commitment, it’s essential to break these unhealthy habits and start to build integrity. In other words, do what you say you’re going to do, actually be as good as your word, and walk your talk.

If you think about it right now, your dream doesn’t exist in reality. However, as you envision it and speak about it, that dream begins to take on life. When we fully commit to an idea or goal, a new dynamic will start to show, bringing opportunities we didn’t know were possible. Be especially careful at this point to avoid being stopped by limiting beliefs and attitudes; sometimes in the commitment phase, self-sabotage can sneak up when we least expect it. If there is no follow-through on a commitment, then the process will start to unravel, undermining ourselves and our dreams.

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“In order to achieve your dreams you have to be committed and in integrity with your heart and soul to the point where you HAVE to take action on them.” ~Marcia Wieder

The Relationship between Integrity & Happiness

When I was unexpectedly invited to take my dream holiday in Greece, I respectfully dismissed the voice of my Doubter and bought my ticket. That was my stake in the ground—now I was committed. So why, when a client called to offer me a great speaking gig that would occur right smack in the middle of that holiday, did I accept the job, volunteering to cut my vacation time in half? That evening, I noticed I was grumpy with the people I love and became suspicious that something was going on, something that I was not aware of. Then it hit me. I was selling out on my own dream.

The next day I called my client back and apologized, telling her I would not be able to speak at her event. “Why?” she had to ask. I took a deep breath, and, for a moment, I was concerned about what she would think of me. “I’m going to Greece to pursue a long overdue dream. I’m sorry.”

“Why would you be sorry? I’m just sorry I’m not going with you. We’ll try to schedule you to speak at our conference next year,” she said. My dedication to my own integrity had paid off.

These sabotaging patterns can be subtle and sneaky. Sometimes people might be committed to doing something even though they’re worried about not having the time or money to do it. But that’s not a reason to stop acting on the goal. Money is rarely the obstacle we think it is. By acting on our commitments, we open up opportunities, perhaps to some new resource that will make the whole thing feasible. We must be willing to make the commitment down to the marrow in our bones. It is only through this type of dedication and integrity that amazing things will happen, including the fact that wonderful people will emerge to help. Show up fully for what you want, even if it takes you into foreign territory.

A Simple Exercise for Creating More Integrity

To get a better feel for how integrity can affect your life, try this exercise. Meditate or sit in silence for 15 to 20 minutes and consider what is incomplete in your life. Write about it or create a list, then make a commitment to take action to clean up and resolve at least one item on your list within one week. Follow through with your commitment—start with just that one. When you’re done with that item, choose another. Continue on through all the items you feel are incomplete in your life and see how your world changes.

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